Gustavo Ariel Sznaider


Computers, Ecology, Physics, Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Smalltalk
Geographic information Systems, Remote Sensing
Precison Agriculture

Curriculum Vitae (English) (Spanish)


Quantitative Methods and Information Systems, Facultad de Agronomía Universidad de Buenos Aires

Teaching Links (Spanish):


Ecology, Physics

  • Microcosms lattice and agent-based simulations where we study ecological and physical phenomena such us phase transitions, species oscillations, coexistence and chaos
  • Genetic Algorithms in Squeak a general propose optimization algorithm based on evolution theory

Precision Agriculture

  • Optimizing site specific planting and fertilization (email me for information or visit: GeoAgris )
  • I cofunded GeoAgris a company that develops optimization systems for primary industry sector

Geographic information Systems, Remote Sensing

  • LART On line GIS for primary net production, NDVI, and other ecosystems properties inquiring
  • Crop regional Area estimation and Yield prediction (email me for information)


  • Yuyos An Agronomical Expert System for long term cropping system explorations


  • Internet 2 faculty technical coordinator of Internet 2 project headed by RETINA